MovieBox for Mac

You might have played so many games like clash of lights but in this article you will find amazing streaming software. So let’s get started. MovieBox is a streaming software which allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and videos online. It streams, episodes, TV shows, etc. with the full content view to watch online or save it in your desired format. The plus point of movie box is that it can be downloaded in PC as well as in Mac. Yes, you can download MovieBox for Mac. Mac users generally do not find any non-apple App available to them and that too for free.


But is MovieBox safe to use? Is it legal? Do you need a third party to download it? All will be answered in this article.


Features of MovieBox Mac are:


  • MovieBox has got no premium version, and hence you don’t have to wait for the latest episodes.
  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • It lets you watch or download in all HD formats of videos.
  • MovieBox has got HD quality videos without buffering.
  • Movies are categorized by release date, genres and latest update.
  • Capability to download any film to watch it offline.


Is MovieBox free?


When there are video hosting sites, with monthly subscriptions only to watch a video and not allowing you to save it offline, it is tough to believe that MovieBox is free. Watch or save your video in any quality you wish, in your Windows or Macbook, for free. Movie Box is available for free in Mac pro or mini or air.


All you have to do is to download MovieBox for Mac and then sit back to enjoy the videos.


How do I download MovieBox on my Laptop?


After knowing that you can download MovieBox for Mac, the next step is to know how to download and then turn the steps below into action.


Requirements to Download Movie box Mac Pro/ MacBook Mini/ Air


  • A good internet connection with an adequate speed of data.
  • Internet Explorer equipped with Enabled Flash Player
  • A web browser with its latest version like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • An Android Emulator App.
  • Latest Version of MovieBox.


You could see an unfamiliar item on the list, Android Emulator. An Android Emulator is nothing but an App which provides an Android Like interface to any device, for example, bluestacks. It is to note that you cannot install MovieBox for mac without Bluestacks.


So before beginning make sure you have Bluestacks installed on your mac.




  1. Here is the link to MovieBox apk download. You might wonder why you are downloading an apk file in your Mac as apk is for Android App. Well, you’ll be using the Android App, and launch it in an Android emulator.


  1. So as mentioned before, the next step is to download an Android Emulator like Bluestacks. Although it is not necessary to download Bluestacks, it is reliable and is therefore used by many.  If you have Bluestacks already in your Mac, then switch to the next step. Otherwise, download it from the Bluestacks official site.


  1. Now that you have your Android Emulator in your Mac open it and type MovieBox on the search bar and hit Enter. You’ll find a lot of results relating to your keyword. Look for the official MovieBox from the list and start the download. Wait till the process completes.


  1. As Movie Box apk Download takes few seconds, wait until the process completes. Once the downloading process is completed, click on the Movie Box apk file and right click on it. Here you will get yo see the Open with, click on it now click on Bluestacks Apk handle as shown below.


  1. Just in a few seconds, you can access the Movie Box App on your desktop. Now enjoy your favorite movies, latest videos, music on Movie Box for free without any signup process.


MovieBox for mac without Bluestacks


If you are not comfortable with Bluestacks, then you can install MovieBox mac without it but through Genymotion. Now as we have stated before that MovieBox for Mac requires an Android Emulator, and so Genymotion is nothing but one of a kind. The difference between theBluestacks and Genymotion is that the former is developed to let users enjoy Apps which are incompatible with their devices while the latter is used by other developers to test their Apps.


  1. To Download Moviebox for Mac without Bluestacks, you need to Sign up in GenyMotion Android Emulator app. So that you can download Movie box Mac version on your device.


  1. Once the registration process completed, download Genymotion and download VirtualBox on the official website and install them on your Mac device. Once the installation is done, run the Genymotion on your device and now enter the login details you created while signing up.


  1. Once you are logged in; you can see the Add option tap on “Add“ as shown. Now add your Mobile brand like LG, Samsung, or HTC or and choose any of the options which have 4.4.4 version and along with 1080×1920 resolution. Moviebox Genymotion Add


  1. After you choose the resolution, now your Mac device will work as a virtual Android mobile. Just click on the link to download Moviebox for Mac from the above link. Moviebox Genymotion


  1. Now the Moviebox Apk file is saved on your PC. Drag or Move that MovieBox Apk file into the Genymotion (mobile) window. Once you drag the file in GenyMotion, this android emulator will automatically complete the installation process. You’ll have to enable the Unknown sources on your Mac Device.


Is MovieBox illegal?


To cut the suspense, MovieBox is illegal. The appearance of the app professional and genuine enough to disguise this trait so that might have caused some people to think that the app was legal but it’s not. Moreover, when you need third-party Apps to download MovieBox, you might have thought why is there no official link or way to download MovieBox for Mac. Well, because it is not legal.


You can enjoy the latest episodes, movies, etc. without any permissions or payment. The thing to note is that you are safe to use as long as you don’t reproduce or publish the contents of those copyrighted videos.